Tyler Coles of the World, Unite!

Tyler Mathew Cole

New York City, New York, USA

The Tyler Cole responsible for this site, he's currently the COO of Atlas Obscura.

Born in Mississippi, Tyler subsequently lived in Utah, New Jersey, Germany, St. Louis, Chicago, and San Francisco before settling in New York City. He graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in English and has worked as a tennis instructor, museum guide, librarian, journalist, cartoonist, conference center rental assistant, web designer, and adjunct instructor at NYU.

Tyler builds and maintains a number of websites including UI Tests, Bored Button, Inherently Funny, and Your Metric Birthday.

And yes, he realizes his middle name is missing a “t”.

Tyler James Cole

Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Originally born Tyler Baer in California, this Tyler Cole has lived the majority of his life in Arizona. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Arizona State with a BS in Software Engineering. He currently lives with his wife Shelby and his cat Cinnamon while working for Epic Systems in Verona, Wisconsin.

He can be found most places on the internet under his pseudonym SuperBlah12.

Tyler James Cole

Melbourne, Florida, USA

Tyler was born and raised in the small town of Silex, Missouri and is currently attending the Florida Institute of Technology and earning a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems.

He runs his own small design firm focusing mostly on social media design.

We're all a bit surprised that with just four Tyler Coles on the site, he is the second with a middle name of James.

Tyler Cole

San Francisco, California, USA

A horticulturist who loves to play competitive tennis, snowboard, and read, Tyler was born in Montana in 1960. He grew up in Oregon as the youngest son of a family of 3 boys and 4 girls and later married Michael Skaar.

He never met another Tyler until college, and as the senior-most member on the site, currently holds the title of the original Tyler Cole.

Tyler Cole

Tampa, Florida, USA

Tyler Cole

Parts Unknown

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Why should one Tyler Cole have all the fun?

According to How Many of Me, more than a hundred Tyler Coles live in the United States. By some combination of age, profession, and luck, I'm the Tyler Cole that owns tylercole.com, and have been so since 2002. And as that fortunate Tyler Cole, I think it's only right to share the domain.

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